Monday, August 17, 2009

St. George and more

Last weekend Kevin and I celebrated our anniversary a month early by taking a trip to St. George and stayed in my grandparents condo. We played at a park, went swimming at the pool with Shannon (she and Kevin's mom came up on Saturday afternoon), did some shopping, went to the farmers market at the Tuachan and ate some very delicious dinners.

Last Monday we went on a bike ride with some of my family up Provo Canyon. We ate dinner and played in the park.

On Saturday my bike came in the mail. I was at work, but Kevin spent all day getting it ready for me when I got home. He's wonderful. I rode it around the parking lot, but today will be my first real bike ride on it. Thanks to Michael for selling it to us!

The weather was so nice yesterday that we decided to go feed some old bread to the ducks at the duck pond by our apartment. Kevin didn't want to feed them but told me he would watch me feed them. As it turns out, he enjoyed it much more than he thought. Although we learned that if you want the ducks to fight over a whole piece of bread you have to make sure there aren't any large white ducks that just take over.