Monday, May 17, 2010

A long time coming...

I've really been meaning to update. Really. I just never get around to it. So here is the sum up of our life in the last month (in no particular order):

- I am going to school for summer term and love it! I'm taking photo illustration and alternative photography. We are learning historic processes in Alt which is really fun and we spend a lot of time out in the sun waiting for our prints to expose. The first day we took a 20 minute nap while we all laid on a large piece of fabric (already coated with the proper chemicals) and made a giant photogram.
- Kevin and I both bought Chacos in anticipation of Hawaii in 3 weeks. They are awesome!
- We went to Salt Lake for our friend Seth's wedding. The tulips were gorgeous!

- My little brother had a birthday and we gave him stickers from all the bike places we buy things from :) and I made awesome strawberry shortcake (featured on my other blog...)

- I've been shooting lots for Jewel Kade which has been pretty fun and a great learning experience.

- We've been exercising! Kevin is gaining 2lbs a week (we are super excited about it -- it's something he hasn't experienced since birth) and I've become more toned and possibly lost weight (I haven't really checked). Thank you to Megan Whitney for introducing me to the 100 pushups program. We are very sad that we've only been able to go on one bike ride
- I've also been attempting to eat healthier... I think it's going pretty well.
- My dad's birthday is today (and Rio's and Linda Moore's)! Happy Birthday!

- As mentioned in a previous bullet point... it's been raining cats and dogs here lately. We get a few warm days and then it dumps rain and pretends to snow some days. I love the rain but I wish we could have had more of this in the winter when we needed snow for skiing.

This is the view from our back/kitchen door, by the way...

Those are waves in case you were wondering... the streets were covered in about half an inch of water.

So there you have a brief summary of our life. I promise I will be better (hopefully a post each week). I'm guessing Hawaii will bring lots of posts :). But nonetheless... I will post. Also... for more pictures and projects see my photo blog. There are more tulips, some food, stock birthday images, etc. Love!