Friday, April 10, 2009

Decision Semi-Undecided (and the power of free money)

Naturally, now that I have decided to spend the rest of my school career at UVU.... BYU offers me a half tuition scholarship for spring and summer! I am really excited about that. I should be able to take the same classes I was going to take at UVU so I can get the same credits but spend about $700 less! Wahoo! All of this back and forth business has been an adventure, but, if someone wants to give me free money, I'll take it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Great News!

I was not accepted to BYU's photography program. However, I have some awesome plans for this summer. One of my photography teachers this semester has really inspired me and is going to help with a project this summer that I am hoping to put into a gallery. I have a lot of plans and ideas about things I can do with my photography. I finally feel like it's starting to have some direction. I just have to keep up my enthusiasm through finals and then start working on my project. I will have more to come for sure.

So, keep checking my photo blog because that is where I will post images for my project. I've been a little bit crazy and excited lately (to which Kevin would readily tell you) and I think this is why. I'm so excited about working on a project that I will enjoy and the prospect of being in a gallery and making a little money. This is definitely helping get through finals (although I just want to work on this and not finals...).

(This is an image I shot for my Grandpa Northrup project, but I really like it in color)