Saturday, September 4, 2010

Isaac Makes Cookies with Grandma Nancy

On his way down to Overton, Isaac called and asked Grandma Nancy if she would make chocolate chip cookies with him. So, today they did. They discovered a bag of M&Ms that served as a third of the chocolate chip requirement. I've decided that Isaac mostly watched (and ate and waited) while grandma did all the work. He made a noble attempt at being the dishwasher, but that didn't turn out so well for the beaters and a large puddle appeared on the floor right below the sink. He was, however, very careful to place the dishes on the counter next to the sink and made sure each of them were perfectly placed. Here's a little bit of how the event looked:

Watching the mixer -- Sneaking and Eating M&Ms

Sneaking Chocolate Chips -- Blowing His Nose :) -- Putting in the Chocolate Chips

Licking the Beater -- Cleaning the Beater -- Putting the "Clean" Beater on the Counter

The "Clean" Beaters -- The Dough -- Putting the dough on the pan

"Grandma, will scoop one into my hand?" -- Can you guess where it went? -- Patiently Waiting for Cookies to Cool

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

50 years is a wonderfully long time

My Grandparents celebrated their 50th anniversary today! They are such great people and wonderful examples to their family and those around them. We had a gathering last night at Sundance to celebrate their anniversary and Kevin's birthday. Interestingly, Kevin has been a live half as long as they've been married.

To the Doctor again... well... Car doctor at least

Mr. Bugg had to be towed to the car shop late Sunday night after he wouldn't start. This is the second time he's been this month. Thank goodness for car insurance that covered towing. It saved us a lot of hassle and stress. Turns out gas isn't getting to the engine and thus can't start. Supposedly it will be a cheaper fix than replacing all the glowplugs (like the last time). This is supposeded to be Mr. Bugg on the tow truck, but it's a little hard to see.