Wednesday, February 4, 2009


One of my assignments for my Alternative Photography class is to take a picture of a chair that matches my personality in a random place. Well, the first thing I thought of was the stools that I begged my parents to keep for me that Kevin and I don't have a place for that I keep just because I like them and I know I'll find a use for them one day (that was quite a run on sentence...).

So, I decided that I would photograph one of these. I didn't want it to just be brown and boring though. Today I finished all of my essential homework and had plenty of time to work on the fun stuff. I sanded down one of the stools and painted it green which tends to be my signature color. It isn't completely finished with it, but it looked really cool surrounded by green snow so I thought I would take some pictures. I got a little bit carried away, but it was a lot of fun. Now I just have to wait until I get my Holga to do pictures for class.

PS. After I painted I noticed that there were some leaves on the ground next to the stool. Turns out they are fake, but they went along with the color scheme so I left them there.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Right now things have been pretty busy in the Tuttle home and it looks like it is going to stay that way, thus the lack of blog updates. I have a few minutes free time in one of my classes, so I'll update you on our lives right now.

Kevin is going to school and studying for the MCAT. He took a practice test on Saturday and got a 24 which is great for not having studied. He's just starting a class on Saturdays through BYU.

I'm going to school and working. Art classes are awesome but time consuming. I also found out this week that I won't be able to graduate next April as planned so that throws a little hiccup into things, but it should be figured out soon.

That's about it really. Nothing too exciting. I was telling Kevin last night though, it's funny that I'm a photo major and I've hardly taken any photos since school started. That should change pretty soon, but alas I don't have any pictures to post today. You can look at my latest design projects here if you would like.