Saturday, March 20, 2010

It's been awhile!

So... it's been a while. Yeah... life has been really busy with work and school Mostly school for me. Kevin's enjoyed having free time, although he's running out of things to do. He went to the Biophysical Society Annual Conference in San Francisco a few weeks ago to present a poster for the research he did last semester with BYU. It was the first time we've been apart during our 1.5 years of marriage.

Kevin's car pretty much died after being in the shop for two weeks in an attempt to repair it. So... Kevin got a new car! It is a VW Jetta. We weren't planning on adding to our VW collection but it was a really good deal for the price range we were looking for. I'll post some pictures soon.

I've been making a lot of food and taking lots of pictures. My latest project was to recreate a magazine article for Real Simple. Here are the pages I created: (for those of you that subscribe to Real Simple... or if you want to take a look at one... this article is their Weeknight Meals column in the Food section)