Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Early!

My birthday is on Sunday, but Kevin has been telling me how excited he is for my birthday for quite a while. He's been joking about celebrating my birthday on the 22 but I kept telling him we had to celebrate it on the 15th.

So as it turns out... I came home from my night class on Tuesday and the door was locked even though Kevin was home. So, I knocked and Kevin let me in. He told me I couldn't go into the kitchen or bedroom. I waited for a few minutes and then he walked me into the kitchen with my eyes closed and sat me down. We prayed and then I was allowed to open my eyes. He had prepared homemade Alfredo which we ate on china and had sparkling cider in our wine goblets under a makeshift candlelight (our lamp covered with a cloth). It was wonderful!

I thought that was very sweet and that maybe we were celebrating my birthday, but I wasn't sure. Neither of us had any homework to do so we were deciding what to do. Kevin said he needed to take a shower and I said I probably should to. I told him that I would have to go into our room to get pajamas though. He said that would probably be ok. I walked in our room and the bed was covered with gifts, which I thought he was going to make me wait to open. However, he didn't. So we opened the gifts which consisted of a blue shirt for skiing (from Jim, Nancy and Shannon), a super soft red robe and slippers, pearl earrings, the new Brian Regan DVD, and best of all :) chocolates (Kevin pointed out this was the best gift because it was chocolate AND because I could share it with him:). All of the gifts were very thoughtful and it was a lot of fun to celebrate early. Thanks love!