Sunday, December 28, 2008

On the First Day of Christmas

We have done quite a bit over this Christmas break. Here a few pictures to sum it all up!

Eating at Crown Burger * The lights at Temple Square

Devin and Dolly came stayed with my parents for Christmas * The Conference Center

Skiing with the Tuttles


Connor acted out the Nativity Story and then we played a game

The game was a white elephant type game where we each received a pair of Christmas socks

All of our Christmas socks * Our new measuring tape (to aid in picture hanging :)

The joy of Christmas morning

Opening gifts from Santa * All 9 of us received Nerf guns so we had a Nerf gun war.

Mom's Gnome * The entire Linebaugh Family

Kinkades * Lichfields

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Thus far I've done a couple digital scrapbook pages, the info on them is not much different than blog posts, but here they are nonetheless. They are a little easier to see here.

Painting, Cleaning, Finals...

Today I didn't have anything until a final at 6:00 and Kevin was at work until 2:00 so I had a lot of free time. I decided to catch up on some things I have been meaning to do for a long time.

A couple days ago I started to hang some pictures that we have been meaning to hang since we moved in. It feels good to finally have things hanging on the wall. Well, I had some pictures from my old bedroom that we hung, but the frames were off white and didn't really look good against the white wall.

So, this morning I experimented and painted them. I went through a variety of different styles, but finally happened upon something that looked decent. While I was waiting for the paint to dry I worked on cleaning the bathroom and washing some towels, washcloths, etc.

Kevin came home not too long after I had finished the bathroom and then we worked on straightening our extra room and putting sheets on the bed, and vacuuming. Our apartment looks much better and it feels good to have those things done. I've been thinking about doing most of these things for quite a while and it feels good that we finally got them done.

We ate lunch and listened to Harry Potter (something we have been doing a lot of lately) and then Kevin got ready to go to the temple. He left just after 5 and I left for my final not too much later.

I was pleasantly surprised when I got to class. We were supposed to turn in a journal we've been working on and then give a 3 minute presentation. Well... We turned in the journal and then talked about an article my teacher found interesting. I kept thinking we were wasting time and we should get on with our presentations so we could be done earlier.

Well, no sooner had I done this than my professor started to tell us that her first class didn't have time to finish all the presentations. So... she told us we just needed to turn in the outline for our presentation and then we could go. It was great! We were there half an hour instead of 2 hours. Given this extra time I decided to post about today along with some pictures.

The pictures hanging on the wall, the extra bedroom (while organized there is still too much in it), our bedroom with the newly hanging photo, and the living room.

Christmas Tree

I typically prefer the warm glow of white Christmas lights on the tree, but when you get a free tree with colored lights you definitely can't pass that up. My parents let Kevin and I use their old Christmas tree and lights. There werent' enough white lights to cover the tree, but plenty of colored lights. Along with the tree came all my ornaments that I have been collecting for 21 years, at least one per year. The tree barely fit in our apartment, but I was surprised how well these few ornaments covered the tree. We didn't really need any others.

A week or two ago, after Kevin got back from working at the temple we sat on the couch in the Christmas tree light and ate hot brownies, drank cold milk, and listened to Christmas music. It was so warm and happy and even in the colored lights :) it still felt like Christmas.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snow! (sort of)

Kevin and I were able to go skiing today up at Sundance. They hadn't received any real snow (at least not a substantial amount) so we skied on only 20 inches of man made snow and only one run. It worked out since I was teaching Kevin to ski and we wouldn't really have gone on any other run anyway, although Kevin has quite the skiing skills. He picked it up very quickly and I wasn't nearly as worried for his life as I was the first time I saw him snowboarding.

It started to snow while we were up there and by the time we came home it was coming down pretty hard, even in the valley. Hopefully we keep getting more (which according to the weather forecast we should)! It was exciting though to be skiing again!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Almost done...

I have officially turned in all my art projects for my various classes and am starting to think about what I am going to do with my free time next week (aside from the two finals and a few short papers I have to write) while Kevin studies for and takes his finals. I regularly look at a few scrapbooking blogs and I've begun to realize how little scrapbooking I have done, not only lately, but in the last year or so. Today while I was waiting for class to start I was looking at one of these blogs and thought about all the random little things about scrapbooking that I am drawn to, although I don't necessarily use them. A non-exhaustive list of such things may include:
  • chipboard (letters, cutouts, anything)
  • painted chipboard
  • {brackets}
  • journaling blocks
  • delicious color schemes,
  • stamps
  • transparencies
  • typography!
  • polka dots
  • swirls
  • mini books
  • tags
  • cool circle elements
  • envelopes
  • journals
  • lined paper (school paper)
  • and, naturally, stunning photographs
The list could literally go on and on, but I'll stop there. So, I'm thinking that aside from straightening and organizing things I've kind of been ignoring, I'm going to do some real scrapbooking (and maybe the digital kind too).

(I always hate posting without photos, so I've decided that I'll take pictures of my projects and post them a little later)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving in Logandale

Kevin and I went to his parent's house for Thanksgiving. While we were there we celebrated Shannon and Jamie's birthdays in addition to Thanksgiving. Anna and Dave came down to visit as well. They enjoyed making turkeys out of oranges, toothpicks, and various candies. Naturally, Isaac had plenty of fun faces to share. While they all took their time and made their turkey special, I think Eric's tactic was my favorite. He would make a turkey, hold it up to admire it, and then put it back on the table. He would then proceed to eat all the candy off his turkey and start making another one. We also had a delicious thanksgiving dinner! It was a fun thanksgiving!