Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am applying to BYU's photo program again. So in the next little while when I have my portfolio finalized I'll post that up here.
This a project I have been working on lately. These are little garden lanterns that I am transferring images onto. Here's the process:

1. Remove glass from lantern. Prepare or "size" glass by lightly sanding and spraying with polyurethane.
2. Make a laser copy of the images to be used. (When the process is done the image will be backwards so make a mirrored copy.
3. Paste modge podge onto image and glass.
4. Press imgage onto glass. Rub out the bubbles so the transfer is clean.
5. Paste modge podge on the back of the image and let it dry. (For a cleaner transfer let the glass dry over night, it makes it a lot easier to rub off the paper and not the image.)
6. After the image has dried, run under water and begin rubbing off the paper.
7. Peel off as much as possible, and then keep rubbing until you can see the picture clearly. Let it dry to make sure all the paper has been removed. If not, rinse again and continue to rub.
8. You can spray polyurethane on the image after you have rubbed off all the paper to keep the image looking clear.

Valentine's Day in Vernal

These are some photos from our Valentine's Day trip to Vernal. Isaac was jealous that Aubrey was getting her picture taken, so we photographed him too.


I, Cassidy Tuttle, for the first time in my 5.5 years of driving got a speeding ticket on Monday. Yep. Sad day.

Chocolate Bowls

We were inspired by Lindsey Capel and Stephanie's Kitchen. So, a couple nights ago, later than we should have been up, Kevin and I took a stab at making chocolate bowls. It turned out pretty well actually. The bowls looked pretty good and since we let them cool over night we didn't have a problem popping them the next day. Kevin made the filling while I was at school: chocolate cake (with pudding mix in it) and an almond vanilla cream. It was deliciously rich. Kevin and I shared one bowl (which isn't super big) and we almost couldn't finish it because it was so rich. It was wonderful though!