Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Infamous Nissan

As many or most of you know, Kevin has been driving the same car since high school. It has been passed down through the years to various family members. I loved the fact that he had a car when we got married. It was low maintenance, although it had some problems we chose not to fix.

I guess I've already mentioned that Kevin got a new car a few months back because the Nissan was tortured to death. It really didn't want to pass the saftey and emissions test in Utah so it decided to quit working.

We were planning on taking it to a junk yard when we heard that Low Book Sales will give you a better deal than anyone else or hand you $250. We figured they wouldn't give us more than the junk yard and went to drive the car there to claim our $250. Well... the lovely thing wouldn't start.

That was over a month ago and it continued to sit in our parking lot, not working. I was driving home from the grocery store on Wednesday, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, when I decided I would go take pictures of the Nissan and list it on KSL classifieds for a little more than the junk yard would give us.

I got home, took pictures and posted the listing. I kid you not, 30 seconds later I had an email in my inbox with a guy asking me to call him. 30 seconds after that someone was ready to drive down and get it. 45 seconds after that we had a second call with a guy who was willing to give us $50 more than we were asking. While on the phone with him we missed 3 calls (one of which was the email guy who didn't answer his phone when I called back, too bad for him). While we were waiting and figuring out what to do (we wanted the extra $50 but thought it was bad etiquette to
tell the first guy no) we missed a few more calls.

As it turns out... the first person who called was persuaded not to buy the car as a fixer upper. We told him it would probably be best as a parts car. After we told him the whole story of the car he agreed. So we sold it to the second guy who was building the same car and thought it was worth $250 to have a second car with identical parts. So it's gone. It was a little sad to see it go, but in the end it is worth having a newer car that works properly.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Stop Motion

For one of my final projects I was assigned a random song to which I was to make a stop motion video. I asked Rosie if she would be my model. After 2.5 hours of photographing and several hours editing and figuring out software... I ended up with 1103 images in 3 min and 40 sec of stop motion video. Here it is!