Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Full Moon and a Day Off

Last night was one of Sundance's Full Moon Chair Lift rides so Kevin and I went up for our Family Night activity. It is so beautiful even though it was a little bit cold. I had difficulty not blinking when Kevin was taking my picture. So most of them turned out a little funny looking, but these weren't too bad.

I've had quite a few days off lately so I've been doing some pretty random things, but it has been fun. One thing I have been doing is decorating our apartment. I'm beginning to believe in the fact that you can decorate an apartment on a very tight budget. I've been decorating with things we have. So... the top of our entertainment center was decorated for only $2.50. No Kidding.

The clock and candle were given to us for our wedding. The painting was given to us by Jared. The chair photo on the left was transferred onto something I bought at DI a couple weeks ago for $2. Everything else... the cans and paper and ribbons... were left overs, either from our wedding (ribbons), my scrapbook supplies (paper), dinner (tin cans), or breakfast (the letters).

I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out. I cut the letters out of a cereal box and then painted them brown. I wrapped the tin cans with papers I had and then put ribbons around some of them. I was afraid it would look a little bit cheap, but I think it turned out pretty well.

The paints and crayons were purchased at Wal-Mart for $1.20 and I hope to make some artwork today to hang on our wall. We'll see how that adventure goes.

I have a new addiction lately. Some may have noticed that the link of designers and photographers on the side grows daily. I love looking at new blogs and getting fresh new ideas. It is so refreshing and inspiring to see what other people are doing. I think that is where this creative urge to decorate on a budget has come from. So... if you need something to occupy your time for the next hour :) you should take a look at some of the links.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth Festivities

My parents and Connor and Brianna spent Friday night with us so they could be in the center of activity for Provo's Freedom Festival. Our apartment sits along the parade route and is prime property on the 3rd and 4th of July. People start staking out their spots early on the 3rd and then spend the night to ensure they have the best seat possible. It is amazing how many people pack into such a small space along the street but it is pretty exciting. People are crazy when it comes to this parade. We had to rope off our apartment parking lot so that people wouldn't block it off and even then there were a couple cars that tried to park in the driveway. I'm sure the cops love this time of year.

Well, we played games, ate ice cream, and watched a movie Friay night as well as did a little people watching on the front lawn. Just outside our apartment was a pretty happening place. We woke up around 6:00 am (after going to bed around midnight of course) to go to the hot air balloon festival. I love hot air balloons! I haven't gone to the festival for a few years because it is so early, but I forgot how much fun it is. I love all the bright colors and the unusual shapes of the balloons. They intrigue me.

After the balloon fest we played cards while we reserved our parade spot and then watched the parade. There was a little down pour and it was very convenient to just run inside the apartment for a few minutes, rather than have to sit in the rain. The parade was pretty typical, nothing too exciting there.

After the parade some of us took naps, others played games. About an hour later we picked up Rumbi's for lunch and went to the park. We were joined by all the Linebaugh cousins and played a game of ultimate frisbee in the heat for a little while. Following our adventures in the park we went home and took a shower and long nap before barbequing and watching the fireworks from my grandparents house in PG. A great way to end the fabulous Fourth of July!